Last night found us digging into (quite literally) BBQ Shrimp and Shrimp and Grits at Mr. B’s Bistro on Royal Street. Impeccable service and tasty dishes were the order of the day.
A walk to Frenchmen Street and DBA was somewhat of a disappointment as John Boutte had cancelled his show. I actually felt sorry for his friend who filled in. No one was there to see HIM and people just talked over the music, most of them, us included, leaving early. Our friend Ted met us there and we were able to catch up, so the evening wasn’t a total loss.
Big plans turned into lazing around the room. After getting up early and walking the entire city four or five times were got back to the room to wait for the next act and couldn’t get off the couch. We’ve decided we’re pacing ourselves.
This morning is my birthday and we are walking to Commander’s Palace for a brunch to die for. Then it is off to the swamp fest at the Audubon Zoo to listen to Zydeco music, Cajun food and dancing. Besides I heard the animals all “axed ” for me (a popular New Orleans Song) so I figured I might say hello. We may look at a few open houses on the way there or back.
This evening we will first stop at the Marigny Brasserie, where our friend Phil Melancon is playing the piano, then we are off to listen to Germain Bazzle at Irvin Mayfields new club in the Royal Sonesta. (We will not be going back to the room in between as this seems the kiss of death for party time.)
The weather has changed a bit as the clouds (and maybe later wind and rain) is coming off the Gulf from Hurricane Ida, but yesterday the weather was superb.
Join us at swamp fest and/or this evening if you can!